Our Story

Nathaniel D. Sizemore

Nathaniel likes to say that he's always lived in "the village around the ivory tower." He grew up near the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, WV, and earned a BS in Computer Science from Westminster College, with concentrations in math and physics. As an undergraduate, he interned at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, working as a software developer for the theoretical plasma physics group. After graduation, he continued working in the physical sciences at Tech-X Corporation in Boulder, CO. As the company grew and expanded, so did his responsibilities: technical support and release engineering for multiple cross-platform products, building regression testing suites, maintaining and updating the company Web site, copy editing grant proposals and writing documentation. Since then, he has created documentation and Web sites for Microsoft's high performance computing group, worked in IT support at Google's Mountain View, CA campus, and built an internal knowledge base for IT support at the State of West Virginia's Office of Technology.

When he's not helping people use technology more efficiently, he studies Taekwon-Do, plays the guitar, and spends time in his kitchen.